About Spirit Unlimited

Spirit Unlimited, founded in 1999, prides itself on delivering a personal and professional touch in every aspect of the company, continuing to reach its goal of exceeding the expectations of coaches, participants, and parents. From its fun Six Flags theme park events to the well-known Battle National Championship series, SU has an event for any skill level and competitive atmosphere you’re looking for. As a dominant cheerleading and dance company in the spirit industry, you won’t have to look any further than Spirit Unlimited, whether it’s to have fun on the floor, prepare for an important national, or compete in one!

• Customers are our 1st priority. We are here for you; we are here because of you.
• SU provides comprehensive instruction and a fun, competitive environment for children and young adults. We provide all of this in a professional and economic manner, while fostering the beliefs of coaches, parents, cheerleaders and dancers.
• Character means everything at SU.
• Working together to achieve success as a team creates the foundation for success in the future.
• No “cheer politics” – fairness, regardless of issue, is our governing principle.
• We support community involvement and educational success by making charitable contributions and creating scholarship funds.
• The sweat and tears of defeat make the triumphs all the more extraordinary.
• Team unity is cherished more at SU than individual talent and success.