Future 5 returns to the 2019 Battle at the Boardwalk Nationals on February 2nd & 3rd in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Junior 5 teams have been invited to show off their routines on this Nationals stage. These teams and cheerleaders are the future of the sport. It’s only a matter of time before these teams are taking home the titles at U.S. Finals and Worlds. Check out whose coming below!

Battle at the Boardwalk is open to all levels and divisions and all teams who compete at the event will have the opportunity to win paid and at-large bids to U.S. Finals and Worlds.


Junior 5 teams and Restricted 5 teams will be split into small and large divisions for Battle at the Boardwalk.  All teams will be scored on the Varsity scoring system.  Each division will be awarded placements (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) based upon Final Percentage Score.  The judging panel will then review and compare the first place teams in each of these divisions to crown the Future 5 champion.  This will not be based solely on score, as there are discrepancies when you have very large teams competing against very small teams, but judges will take into account which team had the best overall representation of their division relative to team size.